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Extension Publications, 1913-

These Extension series are housed as WSU Publications 17 in Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections in the Terrell Library at WSU, and are also available in the Owen Library.

Extension Publications:

Washington State's Extension Service has its roots in the Washington Experiment Station, which began active life in 1892 as part of the Washington Agricultural College, Experiment Station, and School of Science, later known as Washington State University.  A major part of the Experiment Station's role was outreach to the rural farmers of the state; this initially occurred primarily face-to-face through methods like instructional Farmers' Institutes and traveling Demonstration Trains.  This outreach was legally formalized in 1913 through Washington's creation of the Extension Service.  That year the new Extension Service released their first Extension Bulletin, Growing Alfalfa without Irrigation.  Extension publications were frequently intended as a means of reaching farmers and homemakers while avoiding the time and hazards involved in travel in that era.  The series continues today, over one hundred years later.  Several parallel series of publications came into existence (Extension Bulletins, Extension Circulars, and Extension Mimeographs, among many others), and both the Washington State University Experiment Station proper and WSU agricultural programs have also published similar series of their own. 

These and other other outdated WSU Extension publications may be also found in WSU's Institutional Repository at  Current Extension publications may be found at

Farm Explosives

The Collection:

Individual pages from various Extension publications are compiled here, potentially dating back to 1892. The collection is currently being constructed, initially starting with 1913 and moving forward by Extension Bulletin number; after we reached the early 1980s we stepped back and began the same process with Extension Circulars and then Extension Mimeographs. These images are scanned from physical preservation copies held in the WSU Libraries Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections (WSU 17-39, WSU 17-40, and WSU 17-41); when copies were not held in the Archives, we scanned from the general library stacks if issues were held there. Unedited reprints of individual publications have not been reproduced in this collection, but if a publication is revised at all for a later edition, that edition is included.  

Searching the Database:

Entering search terms in the box located at the top of the page will search across the full text of all bulletins. To read through an individual bulletin, select Browse This Collection and then click on the appropriate title. Search results are displayed as a series of thumbnail images that may be browsed. To view a larger image and its corresponding description, click on the thumbnail. An option to return to the home page for this collection is provided in the banner.

All items are cataloged with a date of format YYYY or YYWY-MM.  To limit a search by a year or decade, use the Advanced Search option, enter your keywords into the first field, and add a second field searching within Date for YYYY* or YYY* - the asterisk will allow you to search all years starting with the partial dates you give.  For example, searching Date for 193* should return all items dated in the 1930s.

Creating the Database:

Mark O'English, Greg Matthews, and Doug Lambeth supervised the project and designed the metadata schemas and this page. Individual print pages were scanned as 400 dpi TIFF files on an Epson Expression 10000XL scanner and described by Maryam Davaritouchaee, Katie Enslow, Rebecca Evans, Evelyn Moos, and Casiana Pascariu. Funding for the initial project was provided through a grant from the Center for Research Libraries' Project Ceres.

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