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WSU Board of Regents Minutes, 1891-

The official minutes are housed as University Archives 257: Board of Regents Minutes 1891-, held at Manuscripts, Archives, and Special Collections in the Terrell Library at Washington State University.

The Board of Regents:

The Board of Regents of Washington State University is appointed by the governor of the state of Washington.  Their responsibility is, according to their own website as of 2017, to supervise, coordinate, manage and regulate the WSU system.  As of 2017 the Board has 10 members; when initially organized in 1891 the membership was just 5, and it has changed over the succeeding years.

The Collection:

Individual pages from Board of Regents minutes are compiled here, from the first meeting in 1891 up to present day. Issues document over 125 years of the evolution of the Washington State University campuses.  Information on building construction or expansion can almost always be found here; for most of the history of the university they also included personnel-related items like hires and departures of faculty or staff, or degrees granted to students.

Please be aware that these may not be the final legal minutes of the Board.  The images here were scanned from a number of sources: Original minutes from 1891 to April 1912 are handwritten, and at some unknown point in time the Regents had someone type transcripts from those originals, and those transcripts are presented here.  Minutes from May 1912 to March 1989 are scanned from the typewritten originals.  Minutes from May 1989 to present come from digital copies held at the Regents Office.  In some cases, appendixes or lists of various sorts are included in MASC holdings but are not present in this online collection.  It is also entirely possible that errors were made in the 1891 to 1912 transcripts, or that pages are missing or that we are sharing non-final versions in the 1989 to present minutes.  In all these cases, the originals reside at MASC, and you should not hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts that you have the full content in front of you.

Searching the Database:

Entering search terms in the box located at the top of the page will search across the full text of all minutes. To read through an individual meeting, select Browse This Collection (or a year in the table below) and then click on the appropriate date. Search results are displayed as a series of thumbnail images that may be browsed. To view the full-sized document and its corresponding description, click on the thumbnail. An option to return to this home page for this collection is provided in the banner, as is a link to a page where you can conduct a joint search of this collection and the Evergreens, Chinooks, Powwows and Hilltopics, and other print WSU history resources.

To browse all digitized issues from a given year, click on that year:
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As this database covers a long period of time, doing an Advanced Search (at the top of the page) may help. If you want to search within a particular year or decade, do an Advanced Search, enter your keywords into the box, select "Add Another Field" under that, and into the new box enter your year (or the first three digits of your decade) followed by an asterisk, and change the field to Title. For example, if you enter 1934* in the Title field then you will be searching for items which include any 'word' starting with 1934 in their title. As all issues are titled in the format "Regents Minutes YYYY-MM-DD", that Search example would pull up any set of minutes from the year 1934.

Creating the Database:

Individual print pages were scanned as color 300 dpi pdfs on a Ricoh Aficio MP 4002 scanner by James Feller. Digital files from the Regents Office were provided by Desiree Jacobsen. Alex Merrill provided technical support for CONTENTdm. University Archivist Mark O'English managed the project, designed the metadata schemas, converted and cleaned files, created descriptions, and created this page.


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